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...typical for Pepelyaev: Fast associations and playful crazyness. Sometimes it seems cacaphonic, but there is a clear idea behind it all.
"Helsingin Sanomat"

Pepelyaev's "language of form" is as always incredibly rich, humouristic and innovative.

…Despite all its criticism and absurdity the performance is very beautiful. The costumes, lights and shadows create a twilight-like atmosphere to the studio stage of the Swedish Theatre in Turku. …A spectator is given a change to be impressed, inspired, thrilled and excited.
"Turun Sanomat"

...90-min firework of choreographic ideas.
As in Kharms' universe of absurd representations and grotesque interactions, Pepelyaev creates extremely quaint scenic world, where four women and three men again and again find themselves in new constellations.
"Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten"

"Doors" worked as a cool optical art, playing tricks with the anatomical specification of the eye.

Swan Lake completely renewed
...The piece is extremely funny, ironic and even a bit mean and it throws hints here and there.Pepeljajev is making intelligently and enjoyably challenging dance-theatre...Pepeljajev doesn’t make fun of the piece itself but he questions the tradition into which it has been connected in Soviet Union. He looks at Swan Lake in cultural and social context, which is a fresh and funny view into the piece.
...Sergei Zagny has processed Tshaikovski’s music in an excellent way for this piece... Sacred Tshaikovski isn’t made fun of; the divine beauty of the music can also be heard here…
Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 5.3.2003

...In the Russian cultural terrain Sasha Pepelyaev from Moscow represents avantgarde and from the Finnish point of view not less than the present moment means of expression. ...Pepelyaev`s choreography Head Down Flyer is a complete success... It is beautiful but deformed, funny yet sad, nostalgic and aspiring at the same time. ...Pepelyaev examines the phenomena from different angles, through variations, and reveals that they also always include their own contrast. For a very good reason this attitude could be called a postmodern conception of the world. ...This dance drama, lasting an hour and a quarter, consists of various pieces. Pepelyaev?s vision does not freeze into an explicite closure, but the whole construction remains open and in that way the piece stays in constant motion.
Turun Sanomat, Sat.12nd of May 2001 Finland (translation)

...they not only have a grammar that is as up-to-the-minute as any western counterpart, they have a vision that is unique. .. ...they dance to music by bach, their movement a graceful perpetuum mobile of unison and counterpoint into which filter deadpan parody and cliches... the choreography, invented out of the company's collective imagination, is freewheeling and sensuous, transmitted with infectious verve and humour. the russians are kinetic dadaists, setting into motion rag-bag components to create an illogical, elusive poetry. It plugs into the subconscious layers of your mind and offers a revitalising experience.
Nadine Meisner, "Independent", London, 31.10.00

...pepelyaev moulded an image of an anarchistic dance-composer between fado and the deconstruction of musical and dance folklore; between nostalgic longing and the aggressive exploitation of the remnants of the culture worn down by the system. ...a collage, an unfolding, and a seismic shaking-up of the russian dance tradition.
Arnd Wezemann, "Ballet-Internatonal - Tanz Aktualle", Germany

an event. an infectious energy and enthusiasm. the excitment to witness the birth of a russian truly contemporary dancing.
Jean Pierre Thibaudat, "Liberation", France

...what makes "one second hand" such a pleasure is the wondrous dancing, which manages to be both sharply precise and billowing, as well as sophisticated lighting and set and mr. pepelyaev's gift for staging and pacing.
Jennifer Dunning, "The New-York Times", USA

...physically arresting, funny, sober, boisterous and mad, the dance was beautifully crafted, and the text, albeit in russian, was rich and atmospheric.
Emma Manning, "The Stage", UK

...sasha pepelyaev's kinetic theatre provided the most memorable piece of the season so far. ismene brown, the daily telegraph ...kinetic theatre claims to be breaking the mould and its performers combine a classical stretch and precision with an anarchic wit and energy that promise a sparkly future.
Judith Mackrell, "The Gurdian", London

..burning performance by the dancers of moscow's kinetic theater.
Rachel Valentin, "l'est republicain", France, Nancy

...what one can see there is absurd, horrible, funny, sad, not understandable and sharply recognizable. Even if one wishes to avoid straight parallels with a reality, besides all that he will certainly find today's russian life, russia itself...
lena Vapnichnaya, "Russian Daily", New York

...this is an exciting moment to see them.
Wendy Perron, "The Dance Insider"